Keenan DesPlanques

Keenan DesPlanques is a filmmaker and visual storyteller that specializes in creating documentaries, branded content, and music videos. Keenan's career path was shaped by adversity, when Keenan was 8 years old he was diagnosed with Leukemia and spent the majority of his preadolescence in and out of hospitals. While undergoing chemotherapy Keenan had loads of freetime on his hands and one day he came across his father's old camcorder. Once he pressed record something clicked, and he immediately fell in love with how profound stories can be told through visuals. He was able to tell visual stories through the medium of filmmaking and photography in a way that he couldn't quite convey verbally. 

As the years passed Keenan's passion for storytelling grew into a career. He now specializes in producing documentary films, branded content and music videos. Keenan has won numerous awards for his films and has been featured in Vimeo's "Staff Picks". He has worked on productions for Oakley, The North Face, and Outside TV while working for industry leading production companies such as Stept Studios and Teton Gravity Research. Keenan's goal is to make films that are visually stunning and inspire to make change in the world. Whatever the film may be Keenan can execute the production process from pre-production, writing, producing, directing, camera operation, grip, and post-production making him a swiss army knife of a filmmaker. 


Email: keenandesplanques@gmail.com

Cell: (970)-749-6451