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PHILOSOPHY BEHIND "Music for free"

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A community is not unlike a watershed. Many streams of experience and story braiding together to make something bigger and more powerful. Music for Free on the GDMBR is about naming, showing and celebrating this truth. It is about highlighting people and their stories and about discovering, remembering and promoting what connects us; community, family, adventure and place.

Often times the people we meet along our adventures become as important to the trip’s success as the gear we choose to bring. Music for Free on the GDMBR is about showing who those people are and thanking them, about giving something back to them in acknowledgment to all the support they have provided to the GDMBR and the many riders who travel it.


Known as the Great Divide in Canada and more commonly referred to as the Continental Divide in the US, this hydrological divide is the largest in North America and home to the headwaters of some of our continents most famous rivers. Among these headwaters run many of those Ben has ridden and performed along throughout the last half-decade. This makes the GDMBR a metaphorical headwaters for his work and a notable summit to bring the messages he has been carrying.

In 2018 the GDMBR turns 20 years old and presents a powerful opportunity to celebrate the people and communities upon its extraordinarily rugged and beautiful shoulders. Music for Free on the GDMBR is an invitation towards togetherness, beauty, and resilience. What better setting to carry this message than down the corridor of our continents continental divide.

About Ben Weaver


Ben Weaver walked away from a traditional career as a musician with agents and a record label because he felt that within that framework there was not enough opportunity to give back to the things that inspired his music.

Natural ecosystems and the people who live within them always has been the fodder for his songs and poetry, Ben felt that his performances should not only happen within close proximity to these people and places but that they should also offer something back to them in return. Thus came countless musical and bike driven expeditions built around U.S. and European waterways. On these trips, Ben put his skills as a musician, poet and speaker to use inspiring new stories to deepen existing connections and relationships between the people, the land, and the water he performed for.

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Keenan DesPlanques on location filming "Finding Time" // Tanumshede, Sweden

Keenan DesPlanques on location filming "Finding Time" // Tanumshede, Sweden

About Keenan DesPlanques

Keenan DesPlanques is an award winning Director, Cinematographer and Editor from Southwest Colorado. He specializes in producing documentary films, branded content and music videos with his work being featured on Vimeo “Staff Picks”. Keenan has worked on productions for Oakley, The North Face, and Outside TV while working for industry leading production companies such as Stept Studios and Teton Gravity Research. Keenan's goal is to make films that are cinematically complex and inspire to make change in the world.

Portfolio of Keenan's work as a Director of Photography over the course of 15 different projects.

"Finding Time" is an award winning film that Keenan directed, filmed and edited about a journey with 3 boys on a self sustained bike tour from Bergen, Norway to Barcelona, Spain. 

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If “Music for Free on the GDMBR” had a chorus it would be something like this... “The people are the heroes.
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